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I’m an artist and educator that grew up on the coastal waters of Mississippi. A couple of years ago, my husband and I packed up everything we owned and moved to a rural town in Louisiana.


I love making art and it’s something I’ve been doing since before I can remember. My mom is an artist, so our house was like a mini Hobby Lobby. We had so many art and craft supplies, and I was able to use them to create whenever I wanted to (which was all the time). My mom fulfilled her dream of being an art teacher and began teaching private art lessons out of our home when I was 9 years old. I, of course, was one of her first students - sometimes even attending multiple classes a day. I took formal lessons from her until high school. Once high school started, I took 4 years of advanced art and then went on to college to get a bachelor's degree in drawing and painting. 


After college, I partered with my mom's growing art school. Together, we opened an art supply store and gallery. A couple of years later, I was offered to teach art in high school. I decided to take that new path and became a licensed high school art teacher. I taught at an all girl's Catholic school for 5 amazing years. 

I loved teaching high school, but when my husband and I moved from Mississippi to Louisiana, it gave me the opportunity to purse my dream of bringing art to people of all ages. (More information about that coming soon! Join my email list so you can be the first to hear about it!)


I'm a little different when it comes to my perception of art. I believe the ability to create is something that everyone is born with. (Yes, I'm looking at you.) I know that not only are we all capable, but that God intends it for us. The act of creating is a participation in the divine nature of God. Isn't that amazing?  It’s my mission to unlock this reality, so that more people can experience the benefits of creating art. I especially want to help people who’ve always wanted to learn how to do art, but could never really get it. 

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Growing up, I experienced adults who chased that desire despite their fear of failure. I have witnessed hundreds of women who learned how to create art even though they couldn't do it before. I know you can do it, too. It's my sincere hope that I can help you receive the benefits of finally being able to create art and love it. 

I have some really excited things coming this summer. Make sure to join my email list so I can connect with you and remind you that,  you are capable. 

<<< That's my cute husband, B.J. We’re small-town-kinda people with an obsession for the outdoors. Our idea of a perfect vacation is primitive camping in the woods. In fact, he proposed to me while we were backpacking in Big Bend National Park. It was under the bright starlit sky in the desert mountains - It was seriously so dreamy. Read the story here.

We are proud fur parents of three fur babies: our dog, Jourdan, and our two cats, Luna and Ninja. The cats and the dog fit the typical dog/cat stereotype and do not get along. But, we’re pretty creative with how to keep everyone happy and friendly. Eventually, we’d like to add a human baby or two (or ten) to the mix. We're pretty go with the flow. So, we’ll see what happens. 

A little more about us

Want to know even more about me? 

I'm flattered! 

Here are 4 fun facts.


I grew up in a literal red barn that my dad built. It was the coolest house ever. The downstairs floor was concrete, so we were able to roller blade inside of our house!


What's my favorite color? As an artist I can truly say all of them. But when I was a kid, my legit answer used to be, "You know when you look at the ocean and you can see the water right before it gets deep... that color." 


I have a fear of toasters. I leave the room when they’re in use because they are too unpredictable. I just know I'm going to jump when it pops.


In college I studied abroad in France for 3 months and spent 2 weeks in Greece. On my 19th birthday, I got to see the Starry Night in Amsterdam! It's when I officially fell in love with Van Gogh.

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