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Get access to FREE chats (aka lessons)

about famous artists & artworks from history. 




I'm Karli Corr

So many people recognize famous artists and artworks from history, but they don't actually know anything about them.

Let's change that!


I wanted to share my love and appreciation for the artists and artworks that shaped art today. I decided to go LIVE in the Karli Corr Art Club for 10 weeks.

During those 10 weeks, I did 8 LIVE chats where I taught about one famous artist & one of their artworks. I also made 6 bonus videos that are pre-recorded and teach about other famous artworks. Each of the videos have downloadable notes that contain the best resources I could find on the internet. 

&&& it's all free.

All that you have to do is sign up with your email.

You'll get a password and link emailed to you right away.

You'll have access to everything immediately

and can learn at your own pace. 

I hope that you enjoy learning about art history!

Learn about

Art History

in an informal

& fun way.

Sign up below & you'll get FREE access to the

Art History Chats  

  • 8 in-depth LIVE videos about an artist & one of their most famous artworks

  • bonus videos about other famous artworks

  • 14 downloadable notes with amazing (& fun) resources to dive deeper

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