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An online collection of beautiful ornaments handmade by artists. 



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Karli Corr

Adorn your tree with mini framed art prints. 

These signed fine art prints are printed on 100% cotton paper with hand torn edges. They are framed in a golden frame behind a double planed glass. They are finished with a chiffon ribbon. Your choice of ribbon color.

They are gift wrapped and ready to be gifted (to yourself or others). 

Jessie Hobbs

 Luxe metallics, elegant neutrals, and rich earth tones adorned with silk velvet ribbon.


Each comes ready to gift in a hand-painted box that is topped with a watercolor tag and silk sari ribbon.

Jessie Hobbs Ornaments.jpg
Holiday collage new copy.jpg
Carolyn Emole

Hand painted one-of-a-kind ceramic ornaments and tabletop trees in alcohol ink.

Each ornament and tree is its own beautiful unique piece of artwork for you to enjoy 

for decades. There are six different ornament shapes and three different sizes in the trees. 

The ornaments are topped with a velvet or satin ribbon and 

all of the work is varnish sealed and uv protected

Emily Vieth

 Ceramic ornaments hand painted with a dainty floral design. Choose from three different fun shapes, with either pink flowers or blue flowers. Finished with a velvet ribbon.


Custom hand lettered dog bone acrylic ornaments

Deana Knutson

 Embellish your tree with beautiful one-of-a-kind ceramic ornaments. Hand-painted with traditional pine garland, red berries  & accents of gold.  I initial each one and top it off with a gold ‘2021’ tag to mark the year. Completed with a beautiful gloss varnish

Yvonne Rojas-Cowan
ArtKarma Studios

Bring a modern artistic touch to the holidays with miniature pieces of original artwork. Each ornament is a hand painted, one-of-a-kind ceramic bisque ornament adorned with luxurious hand-dyed raw velvet ribbon, beautifully packaged and ready for gifting.

MamaDuck Art
Beth Smith

 These beautiful ceramic ornaments are hand painted in a gorgeous metallic blue and adorned with a peaceful, snowy forest scene. Ornaments are available in the two shapes shown in the photo and are coated in gloss varnish for protection. Each ornament is signed, dated with the year, and finished with a light blue, shimmery organza ribbon ready to hang. No two ornaments are exactly the same which makes them unique works of art and incredibly special gifts for the holidays.

Plein de Bonté Studios

 “Let Your Heart Be Light” — This year’s collection is a joyful burst of vintage style colors with florals in fine detail. Each ceramic ornament is hand painted, and finished with a velvet silk ribbon. Delight your home or give it as a gift!

A minimum of 20% of all purchases from this collection will be donated to Sophie Botello, a freshman at Georgia State University and former schoolmate of my son, to assist with her upcoming surgery and treatment. Sophie was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Fibrolamellar Carcinoma, an extremely rare form of liver cancer that affects 0.00002% of the population. 

Bristle & Hues

 Landscape oil paintings on sealed wood ornaments. Each ornament is elegantly finished with gold texture on the back and a hand-dyed ivory ribbon.

EB Creates

 Hand painted alcohol ink  abstract landscape ornaments with locally hand dyed silk velvet ribbon. Each one is unique.

Lionheart Canyon Studio

 The Lionheart Canyon Studio woven ornaments are collectible keepsakes, handmade with textural fibers. They can be hung with care on the Christmas tree, or even timelessly displayed on a gallery wall throughout the seasons.

Add a subheading.png
Vivien Hart

 “Moments in Time” one-of-a-kind ornament collection!

These ornaments were made using multiple layers of glass powders, that are captured between layers of sheet glass.  Each piece is about 3 inches in diameter and is hung by a white or navy ribbon. The design is based on wall pieces in my shop by the same name and can be enjoyed at the holiday season or year round. To view the full complement of these beautiful ornaments go to the ornament collection on my website: . Thank you for choosing to shop handmade this season.

Pierce & Paint

 Please enjoy these one-of-a-kind hand-painted ornaments inspired by landscapes from around the country. On the back, each is signed and dated. Limited quantities of both wood and ceramic ornaments are available.

Jessica | Maple oranges

The Hero's Heart


A Hero's Heart is never just their own. It is weaved with the hearts and lives of the people they touch every day. A hero always put others ahead of themselves. But although their heart may not be their own, it will never be alone. Our hearts lay forever entwined. 


This trio of hearts was designed to acknowledge your altruism and the difference you make. 


Thank you!

Crooks & Co Studios

Celebrate the holidays with giving one of these beautifully hand dipped and acrylic painted ceramic ornaments. Each ornament is uniquely one of a kind topped with a raw velvet ribbon and charm.

Sara Swanson Art

The 2021 ornament collection features ceramic ornaments in festive colors to brighten any holiday decor. Styles include one-of-a-kind delicate florals to abstract botanicals. Each ornament is hand painted in gouache paint and finished with a beautiful raw silk ribbon. Ornaments come beautifully packaged in a gift box with decorative bow, ready for gift giving complete with a holiday gift tag!

Laura Gaffke

Add a little vibrance to your holiday decor. Inspired by the colors of candy, may these one-of-a-kind, hand-painted ornaments bring a bright pop of color and an artistic touch to your home for years to come.

lauragaffke.ornament grouping.ornamentgallery.2021.jpg
Colleen Kastner

Hand-painted original art on ceramic globes tied with ribbons of silk and double-sided velvet ribbons.  Each ornament a gentle exploration of organic line and shape and as individual as a fingerprint. Made with such care and individually signed.

Sam Newton Studio

Ceramic Ornament 'Born For All'


This year bring the baby Jesus into focus by incorporating him into your Christmas tree decor.  This peice is of high quality and makes a wonderful family heirloom to enjoy for years and generations to come.  The infant Christ, as featured in the new painting 'Born For All' (releasing November 2021) is displayed on high quality ceramic.   


The ornament measures 2.76 inches across the round face, 4mm thick porcelain, white back, hanging hole, and the option of gold hanging string or off-white luxury silk ribbon.

Coleman Senecal Art

These gorgeous ceramic ornaments are like looking out through a porthole, seeing the calming ripples of the sea. Blues and indigos and whites rippling and melting together in an endless dance. Calm. Light. Serenity. Movement. Rest. And the perfect addition to your holiday decor. 


(Circle printed ornaments on 4mm-thick high-quality porcelain, with gold ribbon for hanging. 2.75 inch across)

Lucy Hawk Art

These ornaments are sure to stand out on your tree as truly unique. Each ornament is aluminum that is painted white to mimic the hand cut paper artwork by Lucy Hawk.

IMG_9650 2.JPG
Leanna Garcia

I am painting floral ornaments with texture and a whimsy touch.

Caitlyn Mary Art

Enjoy something small and thoughtful that will add something special to your tree! These are one of a kind handcrafted ornaments that are decorated with a mini original abstract painting. They are 100% handmade, from the wooden surface to the beautiful ribbon, it all comes from locally sourced materials and hard-working hands.

Handpainted holiday ornament-6.jpeg
Sarah Gohman Art & Design

Custom Pet Portrait Ornaments - These portraits are painted using acrylic paints on your choice of either round or rectangular wood blocks.

Katie Van Cura

This ornament shows the white mountains of New Hampshire. Anyone who loves being outdoors can enjoy the mountains, evergreen trees, and fresh air displayed on their Christmas tree.

Amy Elizabeth Crabb

A collection of hand-painted abstract baubles, framed landscapes and delicate floral ornaments in my signature color palette of soft pink, muted olive and Wedgwood blue, tied with raw velvet ribbon.

Cedar Garden Co.

Garden Heirloom Collection


Ornaments carry a romantic nostalgia from Christmases past, like storybooks dancing with the memory of warmth and joy, let the Garden Heirloom Collection continue writing the pages of your holidays for years to come. What story will yours tell?


The Garden Heirloom ornaments are one of a kind, hand painted, elegant and timeless pieces ready to join your family traditions.

Hettie Roberts

Hand-painted Nordic style botanical and landscape ornaments on solid maple wood slices sourced from Maine.

Weronika Zubek Art

Small wooden ornaments featuring various peaceful landscapes.

Pearl & Maude by Teale Hatheway

Inspired by the expansive surroundings of the Mojave Desert, Teale painted three Christmas tree ornaments in a muted, pastel color palette. This Country Set of lovely Christmas ornaments includes one each of Earthen Hearth, Sage Dreams and Clear Dawn. 


Each glass Christmas ornament is painted by Teale in the studio and signed with “TH”. They are hand painted on matte glass balls with colorful brush strokes of the highest quality paint. Shimmering dots of metallic gold dance under the lights of the Christmas tree and beautiful French, satin ribbons complete the romantic vision. These beautiful glass ornaments are lightweight, and won’t weigh down your tree branches.

Lieke Koster

Lively impressionistic paintings on fairtrade, handmade cotton paper in a double glass vintage frame, with a naturally dyed cotton ribbon. The paintings are all painted around words - words for 2022 or words to remind 2021 by. Words to live by and ground in, whispered by nature. Scenes witnessed during our adventures with our tiny home on wheels. These 'artistic ornaments' can be hung in your tree, but can also shine on your walls all year round.

Kasey Melissa Art

Tiny nature-inspired art for your tree.

These heirloom quality glass pendant ornaments are 1in x2in with tiny original watercolor paintings. Adorned with silk chiffon ribbon.

Add to your tree, give as a gift or display year round.

Jessica Beare Art

Timeless, charming  custom pet portrait ornaments created on wood slices from your photos. Each ornament is made from high quality acid free materials using your personal reference photos. They are all finished with a high quality gloss varnish to preserve the art work for decades.

Alicia McGloon

Alicia paints abstract watercolor landscapes onto ceramic ornaments. Each ornament is finished with a coat of either heavy gel medium or a tiny glass bead medium and a lovely ribbon.

Holly & Bud

Unique, decorative ceramic ornaments that will look fabulous against your Christmas tree or hanging in your home all year. Each teardrop ornament has been hand-painted and finished with a luxurious hand-dyed silk-velvet ribbon.


Ornaments come with a matching gift tag and ship in a sturdy box matching box

Stelmaschuk Studio

These stunning Copper and Glass ornaments with a black satin tie, will be sure to to reflect the lights and love of Christmas. Collect one for your self, or to give away.

Jen Rothwell Art

Abstractly hand painted ceramic bisque ornaments.

Stand with Heart 1.png
Stand With Heart

Featuring a collection of ski heart ornaments made from a variety of different types of upcycled skis. Each ornament is unique!

E. Anderson Art

Ella's Holiday Shop features both hand-painted and printed ornaments. All ornaments are finished with a ribbon for hanging and signed by the artist.

Chantel Bettencourt Art

This year, escape your everyday with a unique piece to adorn your home. This collection utilizes two different styles: a floral inspired collection and a modern and minimalistic style to accentuate your Christmas tree. Whether you looking for something to start a new yearly tradition or something to make your surroundings more elegant, this collection has something for everyone.

Jessica Shepherd

These special ornaments have real pressed cedar clippings which were locally sourced. Completed with hand written “Merry Christmas” greeting and a silky crepe ribbon in your choice of ivory or blue.

Ashley Pahl

Add coziness and warmth to your home this holiday season with the light from the stars and the moon. These original, handmade ornaments feature watercolor paintings on archival paper. Placed in heirloom quality glass frames, they are topped with silk ribbon for display. All ornaments will be signed on the back and packaged in a gift box.

Rusty Brick Studio

One of a kind and unique hand painted ornaments on 4-4.5 inches round wood slices. Finished with a raw edge silk ribbon.

Cardinals Ornament.jpg
Vicky Reddish

 Limited collection of hand-painted ceramic ornaments features textures and pattern play with accents!

Sharon Sudduth Art

The "Heaven and Nature Sing" collection features ornaments with a woodland theme.  Each 3.5 inch ceramic bisque ornament has a shimmery white and gold foil base.  There are four different ornament styles, including oil paintings of snowy trees, chickadees, cardinals and chipmunks.  Ornaments are tied with velvety gold or green ribbons and are nestled in a clear box creating a beautiful gift for you or someone special.

Sara Cristina Gonzalez

This star ornament is the perfect addition to your christmas tree or to simply display all year round. The ornament is made from bisque ceramic and painted with pale blue base and layers of turquoise, greens, white and mustard yellow. Completed with a chiffon sage green ribbon and signature in the back.


Each piece is unique and was created with the idea of bringing beauty and presence to our everyday. In a season of steadiness, I was inspired by the beauty of our ordinary moments. The moments that we seem to cherish the most and yet fade away so quickly. 

Marcy Parks Art

The “Seed Planters” ornament collection is a collection of one-of-a-kind, hand-painted ornaments made for the people in the world that are diverging from the well-worn path in order to seed the Earth with new, soul-nourishing traditions to return to for years to come.


Whimsical Ornaments

KK Willson

Hand painted nativity on oyster shells sealed with a high gloss finish, ready to adorn any tree!

Mrjenovich Custom Designs

We make beautiful authentic leather burned monogram ornaments with hand embroidered floral designs.

Heidi Derner Art Studio

Alcohol Ink painted glass and ceramic ornaments

Mary Redmann Studio

Add a timeless and classic vibe to your holidays with these hand-painted peacock feather ceramic ornaments! Each ornament measures 3” diameter, and is hung by a silk ribbon. Initialed with ‘MR’ and the year (‘21).

These ornaments, photographs, and links are property and responsibility of the individual artist and are used with permission. Karli Corr is not responsible for any sales outside of what is sold on If you have any questions or concerns about an ornament or artwork, please contact the artist through their provided link. Inclusion in the gallery does not guarantee that the artist has ornaments available.

© 2021 Karli Corr. All rights reserved.

Stede Barber

"When you find a angel is near"


Do you feel a spark of joy ?


Inspired by that saying, and the especially important need to look for and find the good during these past months...this collection of hand-painted feathers and the blessings that come with them was born.


You'll find beautiful feathers symbolizing peace, sweet beginnings, abundance...even a Blessing of Chocolate!


I hope you find something here that speaks to your heart, and perhaps a gift for someone special.

3 feathers and greens.jpg
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