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We hear about creativity and how it can be useful, but we don’t always understand why it’s important. Many people think you are either born with it or you aren’t.  

Yes, it is naturally easier for some people to be creative - but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative. Levels of creativity vary, for sure, but it is something that everyone has. (Yes, I’m looking at you.) Some people are naturally more creative than others, but that shouldn’t stop you from developing your own abilities. Being more creative can add so much value to your life, and I’m all about making life as valuable as it can be.

So here you are, 5 reasons why you should be more creative.

We hear about creativity and how it can be useful, but we don’t always understand why it’s important. Here are 5 reasons why you should be more creative - plus a FREE mini workshop on how to Awaken Your Creativity!

1. Being Creative Sets You Apart

If you were to google the definition of Creativity it would basically say that Creativity is using your imagination to come up with something original. Originality is not a copy of something, rather it is something unique. So being creative is being original. If you’re creative, you’re not copying something or someone. You are being something that is different than the next person.

Even though our society celebrates diversity, a lot of times we value when we look or act like someone else. I mean, think about it. Have you ever wanted a piece of clothing only because of the logo or brand name on it? (My jr. high self is timidly raising her hand.) It doesn’t matter that you could get a nearly identical shirt for more than half the price, you still want the one with the logo so that you can associate with the people who wear that logo too.

I'm not saying that’s a bad thing, (because it’s definitely something I still do sometimes), but, I fear that a lot of people treat creativity this way. They think that in order to be creative, their ideas have to fit inside of a mold set by other creative people. When you try to match your creativity to someone else's, you get discouraged because it doesn’t look the same. But, real creativity doesn’t fit into molds. Your creative logo is you - it can’t be someone else’s. So by being more creative you embrace your individuality and celebrate what makes you different. 

2. It Gets rid of fear

I think a lot of time it’s not that we can’t be creative. I think it’s more of that we’re afraid of being creative. Fear asks us “What if we come up with something and it’s a bad idea?” When you learn to be more creative, that voice of fear becomes muffled. Without fear, you can take more risks.

You see, being creative isn’t about not making mistakes. Creativity isn’t “perfect”- far from it. In fact, some of the most creative ideas come from mistakes. So really, there is no failure with creativity. Let me say that again, there is no failure with creativity. It just depends on how you look at it. When you “mess up”, don’t look at it as a failure and give up. Instead, see it as an opportunity to be even more creative.

For example, when I’m making art and have a creative block, I will just start doing things I normally wouldn't do. I will intentionally try to make myself “mess up”. I do that because it’s in these “mistakes” that I come up with my best ideas. Oftentimes those “mess up” paintings end up being my favorites.

Can you imagine if you were to apply that technique to your life? By adopting a more creative life, you get rid of the fear that holds you back. And when you do that, there are so many amazing discoveries waiting for you when you “mess up”. Which takes me to my next reason...

3. It Opens Possibilities

Now that you don’t have fear bellowing in your ears, you can open yourself up to new possibilities. When you’re more creative you are able to open the door to all sorts of experiences.

I imagine standing in a room with an infinite number of doors. When you’re creative, you have the keys to open any of them that you want. Not only is this fun for the imagination, but this is also very practical. By being creative in your job, at school, at home - you open so many possibilities that you wouldn’t have had if you weren’t being creative. I used to tell my high school students how learning to be more creative could help them get scholarships or the promotion at their future job. Creativity can even open possibilities at home. Parents being creative with their kids can open unique opportunities for playtime and memories. The possibilities that a creative life can provide are truly endless. 

4. Because it’s fun

I mean come on. I’ve never met anyone who thought creativity was boring. They might not have liked creative exercises, but creativity in itself is super exciting.

Whenever I’m thinking of creativity, I always think of the quote associated with Albert Einstein, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  When you’re able to be creative and use your imagination, it makes every experience better. Think about when you’re watching your favorite show and then those dreaded TV commercials interrupt it. Ugh. We hate commercial breaks - but when a commercial comes on that is different and creative we love it. Why do you think commercials are one of the favorite parts of the Super Bowl? It’s because they are some of the most creative ones that come on all year.

We don’t get bored with creativity. It’s not something that is stagnant, but is ever changing and entertaining. Think about how much fun could be added to your own life if you added creativity to it.

This isn’t a scientific fact or anything, but I really think that a creative life is a happier life. 

5. And finally, it makes you more YOU. 

I said at the beginning that creativity isn’t something that just a few people are born with. It’s something that everyone has. You’re human, which means that you have creativity. It might not be a lot, and it might be underused. But it’s there.

You see, the ability to be creative is something that separates us from other living things. It’s been given to us. When the Bible says that we were made in the image and likeness of God, I believe in my heart that part of that is being able to participate in the divine act of creating. God, Who is the ultimate creator, allowed us to partake in creation by giving us creativity.

To keep your creativity stifled is not embracing your humanity. But like with other things, it requires practice and growth. Some of us have practiced being creative for years, and some of us haven’t used our creativity since we were a child. But I’m telling you, creativity is such an important part of our lives. It’s a shame that we don’t give importance to developing it.

Creativity isn’t the same for everyone. But that’s exactly what makes it so beautiful. Your creativity is unique just like you. Your creativity won’t be like my creativity, which is awesome because you have a creativity that no one else will ever have. The world is missing your creativity. Don’t let fear or misconceptions about creativity keep you from reaching your creative potential.  Your creativity is a part of who you are. Being creative will not only add value to your life, but it will add value to the world. 

I think being creative is such an important part of our lives and world, and I want to share it with everyone. I created an absolutely FREE mini-workshop that’s called Awaken Your Creativity. In this downloadable workshop, I walk you through 3 lessons that will help you let go of fear, evaluate your own creative journey, and take you through a creative exercise that will help you see the creativity inside of you, and, most importantly, awaken it

All of the supplies are things you can find at home and no drawing skills are required. 

I can’t wait to see you grow in your creativity.

Woman taking a free workshop to awaken her creativity


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