"Honey & Lavender" Original Art

"Honey & Lavender" Original Art

Honey & Lavender : warm yellow and light violet

Original Art


8" x 10" 

Soft Pastel on Sanded Paper



The Discovered Collection is a collection about the beauty and uniqueness found in nature. I love walking along the beach and picking up shells. Each one is so unique and filled with beautiful colors. The wet shells glisten in the sun making the colors glow in your hand. 


This painting of an oyster shell is almost abstract in appearance. The painting boasts of beautiful strokes of colors with glowing marks of gold and iridescent pastels. Each shell is a reminder of the overwhelming beauty and uniqueness found in creation.

  • Soft Pastels

    Soft Pastels are a dry medium and are susceptible to smearing. They should be professionally framed. 

    The pastel paintings are carefully packaged to protect them during and after shipping. When you recieve your pastel paiting, you will be able to view the artwork inside of it's protected matting. This temporary matting will allow you to carefully handle the artwork until you take it to a framer. 

    The pastel painting also come with instructions on how to care for your new artwork.

  • Shipping

    Currently, shipping is available to the USA only. 

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing & shipping. 


    Tax is included.