"Isabelle" Original Art

"Isabelle" Original Art

Isabelle : God is my Oath

Original Art


My husband and I were camping in Leaf River in Mississippi. We had just finished a hike and were on our way home. We saw some wild blackberries growing on the side of the dirt road, so we decided to pick some for a snack. It turned into an adventure that lasted a few hours. We drove up and down the empty roads filling a jug with wild berries. At the end of our little adventure, we discovered a beautiful lake that had the largest berry patch yet. It was the perfect ending to our trip. It was such a simple day of pure happiness.

That day and this painting remind me of the simple and pure joy found in seeking God. The name Isabelle means God is my oath. God is my promise. When we seek him with a pure and childlike heart, we always discover something more beautiful (and bountiful) than we imagined. 

4” x 6”  
Soft Pastel on sanded paper

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