"It is Good That We Are Here" Fine Art Print

"It is Good That We Are Here" Fine Art Print

It is Good That We Are Here

Fine Art Print



Mount Tabor is about 1,700 feet above sea level, and it wouldn't have been an easy climb to the top. I'm not sure what Peter, James, and John were expecting when Jesus led them up this tall mountain. I imagine they were very surprised to see Jesus transfigured before them talking to Moses and Elijah. Peter says, "Lord, it is good that we are here." 


Jesus also invites us to walk up a mountain with Him. The climb isn't easy, but it's by climbing that we are able to experience God's glory. When we reach the top, we can join Peter in saying, "Lord, It is good that we are here."


In this painting, you'll see three tall and skinny trees. The one on the left symbolizes Jesus. The two on the right symbolize Moses and Elijah (the law and the prophets). 

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