The Complete Beginner's Guide to Soft Pastels

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Soft Pastels

A digital guide that has everything you need to get started with soft pastels.


What are pastels? How do I know which type to get? What kind of paper should I use? Are there other supplies I need? How do I keep my skin and lungs safe from the pastel dust? Once I get them, how do I use them? How do you set everything up?


I answer all of these questions (& more) in this beautiful and detailed guide. Inside of these digital pages, you'll learn all about soft pastels, the supplies you need, how to safely use them, exactly what I use in my studio, how I set everything up, and my personal recommendations on what you should buy. I've even linked everything for you!




  • Introduction
  • About Pastels
  • Hardness & Softness
  • Paper
  • Drawing or Painting?
  • Soft Pastel Techniques
  • Soft Pastel Safety
  • What I Use in My Studio
  • My Studio Set Up
  • My Supply Recommendations



Getting started with pastels doesn't have to be confusing or overwhelming. With this guide you can easily and confidently get started with soft pastels.

  • Additional Information

    Once purchased, you will have access to download the guide in a .pdf format.  


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