"Veronica Original Art

"Veronica Original Art

Veronica : true image, honest, she who brings victory

Original Art


I created this original drawing in June 2020. I drew from my aloe vera plant. While I created it, I thought a lot about how the aloe vera plant is both harsh and healing. Wrapped around the soothing gel are sharp spines. In life, healing is usually wrapped around suffering. I thought a lot about Jesus' crucifixion. How his suffering brought about salvation. When thinking of a name, Veronica kept popping in my mind. In Church tradition, Veronica was a woman in Jerusalem who bravely stepped forward from the crowd to wipe the face of a fallen and beaten Jesus. I thought it a perfect name to represent the soothing aloe.


5" x 7" 

High Quality Lightfast Colored Pencils

on 300lb Hot Pressed 100% Cotton Paper

The drawing has been varnished with an archival UV protecting spray. 



Currently, shipping is available to the USA only. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing & shipping.