"Why Did You Doubt?" Original Art

"Why Did You Doubt?" Original Art

Why Did You Doubt?

Original Art


8" x 10" 

Soft Pastel on Sanded Paper



"Why did you doubt?" The question Jesus asks Peter once they got back into the boat. Peter had done something amazing... he had walked on water! But... he had also sank. The difference between the walking and the sinking was his faith. 


How many times does God give us the grace to do something amazing in the midst of a storm, but we take our eyes off of Him and focus on the storm instead? Then as we're sinking we cry, "Lord, save me!"  And even in our doubting, God rescues us. He always rescues us. 


Read Matthew 14:22-33

  • Soft Pastels

    Soft Pastels are a dry medium and are susceptible to smearing. They should be professionally framed. 

    The pastel paintings are carefully packaged to protect them during and after shipping. When you recieve your pastel paiting, you will be able to view the artwork inside of it's protected matting. This temporary matting will allow you to carefully handle the artwork until you take it to a framer. 

    The pastel painting also come with instructions on how to care for your new artwork.

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