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The Complete

Beginner's Guide to 

Soft Pastels

A digital guide that has everything you need to get started with soft pastels.



Getting started with soft pastels can be confusing.


What are pastels? How do I know which type to get? What kind of paper should I use? Are there other supplies I need? How do I keep my skin and lungs safe from the pastel dust? Once I get them, how do I use them? How do you set everything up?


I answer all of these questions (& more) in this beautiful and detailed guide. Inside these digital pages, you'll learn all about soft pastels, the supplies you need, how to safely use them, exactly what I use in my studio, how I set everything up, and my personal recommendations on what you should buy. I've even linked everything for you!

Getting started with pastels doesn't have to be confusing. Download this guide and you can easily and confidently get started with soft pastels. 


Hey there,

I'm Karli Corr. 

With a degree in art and a license to teach, I make art and show others how to make art too.

Soft Pastels are easily my favorite medium to create with. These creamy, velvety sticks create beautiful layers of nearly pure pigment. I'm obsessed. 

When I started sharing my soft pastel paintings on social media, I realized a lot of people aren't familiar with soft pastels. Many people reached out to me wanting to get started with them, but they weren't sure how. 

So I sat down and wrote everything I knew and made this 37 page digital guide.

I am so excited to share my knowledge of this wonderful medium that I love,

so that you can love them too. 


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Here's a little look inside,




About Pastels

Hardness & Softness


Drawing or Painting?

Soft Pastel Techniques

Soft Pastel Safety

What I Use in My Studio

My Studio Set Up

My Supply Recommendations




you will...

  • Understand what pastels are

  • Know the difference between various pastels

  • Learn to choose the best paper to use

  • Learn basic pastel techniques

  • Know how to safely use soft pastels

  • See what I use inside of my studio

  • Know what you need to set up 

  • Learn about different pastel brands 

  • Access links to trusted supplies

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All artwork is the sole property of Karli Corr and is held under copyright, even after purchase. Read more about his here. The images, artwork, and contents of this website may not be copied, collected, or used for personal or professional gain without the written permission from Karli Corr.

All images of artwork, sold or otherwise, are retained by Karli Corr.

© 2021 Karli Corr. All rights reserved.

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