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Have you any fish?

6" x 7.5"

soft pastel on sanded paper

"Have you any fish?" The words the Apostles heard from the resurrected Jesus standing on the shore. 

They had gone fishing that night, but caught nothing. At dawn, while they were still in the boat, they heard a man ask them from the shore if they had caught any fish. When they said, “No”, He suggested to cast their nets again on the right side of the boat.  

When the nets overflowed with fish, John recognized who it was. He told Peter, “It is the Lord.” So Peter quickly jumped into the water and swam to shore.  
Read John 21

This painting is only half of the story. 

The painting, "Do You Love Me?", is inspired by what happens next. 

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Do you love Me?

6" x 7.5"

soft pastel on sanded paper

The resurrected Jesus calls to His apostles from the shore. He asks them if they caught any fish. After saying they hadn't, Jesus tells them to try again and then their nets are miraculously filled with fish. (Check out "Have You Any Fish?" to see the painting inspired by this conversation.) 

Once ashore, Jesus cooks them breakfast with the fish they caught. 


I imagine after breakfast, Jesus and Peter are sitting next to each other with their backs against a rock. Looking out over the Sea of Galilee, Jesus asks Peter if he loves Him. He asks him that question 3 times as a solution to Peter's 3 times of denial.


If you've ever failed God and then asked for His forgiveness, you can relate to Peter in this story. This renewal of love leaves us feeling full as we watch the sun rise on a new day. 


In the painting, you'll see three rocks next to each other in the water. Those remind us of the failure, forgiveness, and new life that we find in Jesus. 


May our answer always be, "Yes, Lord, I love you."


Read John 21 

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