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the HOLY LAND collection

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The Holy Land Collection
An Artistic Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Experience the Holy Land through pastel landscape paintings
In 2015, I was blessed to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with my church. It was a life changing experience and brought the Bible to life. I wish everyone could make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but I know that's not possible for many people. 
I felt inspired to give people a fresh way to experience this beautiful, holy land through art. 
My hope is that this ongoing collection will be an opportunity for God to show Himself, so that others will come to know and love Him more. It's been mind blowing and humbling to paint the earth He created - to capture the places He once walked.
He is so real. That's a big takeaway people have when they visit the Holy Land. And that's the main message of this collection. God is real. He really became a man. He really walked the earth. He really died out of love for us. 
He is real.  

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