The Holy Land Collection
An Artistic Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Experience the Holy Land through pastel landscape paintings


wild places

A pastel pastel landscape collection.

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I'm Karli. 


With a degree in art and a license in teaching, I make art and teach people how to draw and paint. 

 I'm a little different when it comes to my perception of art. I believe the ability to create is something that everyone is born with. (Yes, I'm looking at you.) I know that not only are we all capable, but that God intends it for us. The act of creating is a participation in the divine nature of God. Isn't that amazing?  It’s my mission to unlock this reality, so that more people can experience the benefits of creating art. I especially want to help people who’ve always wanted to learn how to do art, but could never really get it. 


Peaceful artwork for your home.

Creativity is for everyone.


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